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automatic release · made of powder-coated, sturdy steel pipe for controlled clockwise and anti-clockwise tightening with integrated ratchet function · the buckling mechanism with casters guarantees a tactile and acoustic release signal · simple change in direction (simply press the square through the ratchet) · easily readable double scale (Nm/lbf ft) under a viewing window with magnifier effect · activation precision ± 3% tolerance of the set scale valuemade in GermanySupplied complete with operating instructions and calibration certificate to EN ISO 6789 · Further technical information Certificate: yes




Overall length

Scale division

Square drive

Square drive mm

Work area

Work area N.m

Work area lbf.ft.


395 mm


395 mm

0.5 Nm

1/2 ″

12.5 mm

8 - 75 lbf.ft

20 - 100 Nm

15 - 75 lbf.ft

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