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high-quality, plasto-elastic, single-component sealing compound on acrylate dispersion base · very easily processable · for permanent, airtight inside sealing of connecting joints between brickwork and door and window framework · low-loaded joints and cracks between brickwork, concrete, plaster and window sills, rolling shutter containers, base boards and floors, connecting joints (horizontal) with buildings of gas-aerated concrete · for the sealing of plate joints, seams and overlapping in metal and equipment construction, in air conditioning and ventilation construction, weld seam sealing in the vehicle, ship and container construction · for all porous construction undergrounds, such as e.g. concrete, clinker, brick, aerated concrete, plasterboard, plaster, brickwork, fibre cement, coated wood, hard PVC and anodised aluminium · do not use on glass, corrosion-prone metals, enamels, ceramics, marble, natural stone and for underwater joint fillings · non-fading, weather and UV-resistant · after hardening very good paint coating compatibly in accordance with DIN 52452, can be well papered over or painted · maximum total deformation 7.5% · low water vapour permeability · solvent and silicone-free · application temperature: +5°C to +30°C (environment) / +5ºC to +35ºC (adhesion surface) · temperature resistance: -20°C bis +80°C ·
Further technical information Content: 310ml · Thermal resistance:: -20 to +80 °C · Processing temperature: +5 to +40°C · Container: Cartridge







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