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Automated goods management directly on site!

eVEND is a goods management system installed in the industry or in production-oriented businesses. With it, your employees have access to a personalised range of goods such as the comprehensive PROMAT range, thus guaranteeing constant availability.

In cooperation with Supply Point Systems, your specialist PROMAT retail partner provides you with a goods management system for a large proportion of the PROMAT range from categories including tools, electronic tools, machining tools, measurement technology, connection technology, occupational safety and much more.

The advantages for the PROMAT range with eVEND are obvious:

  • 24-hour employee provision in production, on the assembly line, for machining and in intermediate storage areas.
  • Particularly suitable for critical spare parts, hand tools, test equipment, precision and measuring tools, safety equipment and chemical-technical products.
  • Access control anywhere and anytime.
  • Cost reductions in tool management, storage and issuance.
  • Capital commitment reductions due to supplier consignment warehouses.
  • Reduction of suppliers.
  • Shortening of in-house routes.
  • Automatic inventory management.
  • Equipping by suppliers.
  • End of ordering costs.
  • Automated management and organised storage of consumables.
  • Secured repeat ordering and transmission.
  • Time savings through simultaneous availability around the clock.
  • Stock and cost reductions.
  • Able to be integrated into your IT landscape.