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Technological developments have permanently changed information and purchasing behaviour. More and more people are taking advantage of the convenience and speed of electronic shopping. A comprehensive range, intelligent search and multiple functionality is now the standard. This also includes a user-friendly, responsive shop design for all terminal devices as well as legal security. The specialist PROMAT retail partners understand this path as well: The official PROMAT website, with information on all products, is directly linked with the specialist PROMAT retail partners and their online stores. This way, you can choose the desired product in peace and purchase it from your preferred specialist PROMAT retail partner.

 Overview of the ADVANTAGES of the PROMAT website and the specialist PROMAT retail partner stores

  • Comprehensive range of over 8,000 PROMAT products
  • High availability and nationwide delivery within 24 hours from central NORDWEST warehouses
  • High user friendliness thanks to targeted search functions
  • Order PROMAT products online from your specialist retail partner 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.
  • Direct link with NORDWEST eSHOP and PROMAT website