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fine universal binding agent, based on calcium aluminium silicates · highly absorbent, odour-binding, natural product, can be stored indefinitely · colour: white · absorption per sack: up to 16 litres of oilApplication: for quick, simple removal of leaked liquids such as oils, greases, lubricants, dyes and paints, solvents, etc. · aggressive, organic, and inorganic as well as water-soluble chemicals can be absorbed · not suitable for strong acids and oxidising agents · not water-repellent, not buoyant · can be used in almost all areas where liquids are processed, stored, or transported · suitable for interior and exterior use · Note: After use, do not dispose of binding agents with other waste, but ensure that these are professionally disposed of in line with regulatory requirements for the fluids that have been absorbed. · Further technical information Type: lllR · Max. suction capacity: 16 (per sack)l · Material: calcium silicate · Container: sack


Bulk weight





approx. 485 g/l

40 l / approx. 20 kg

0.125 - 1 mm


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