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cleaning product for equipment such as paintbrushes, rollers, etc. · for removing flecks of paint colour and dirt · the slow drying time ensures a very good duration of the varnish without having to wait for the varnish to fully dry-out between layers · density: 0.77 · evaporation number: 46 (ether = 1) · consistency: fluid · can be used as cleaning product for equipment · removes flecks of colour and dust · thinning agent for oil paints, synthetic resin paints, clear varnishes, wood varnish, primers etc. · Note: Due to the balanced boiling process in the case of kiln-drying paints, boiling-out of retained solvents do not occur, solvents evaporate without residue, and the paint will not be affected after it has dried. a preliminary test is recommended for sensitive surfaces
Tax-free mineral oil must not be used as engine or heating fuel or for the manufacture of such materials. ·
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